About me

security researcher in Chaitin Tech.

  • Bachelor from Beijing Institute of Technology (2015-1019)

  • Distro: After almost 4-year full-time use of linux(ubuntu, deepin, manjaro, mint…), I finally turn to windows 10

  • Laptop: ThinkPad X1 Carbon

  • Vim or Emacs: Vim

  • zsh or fish: Neither, now I use powershell

  • Tabs or spaces: spaces

  • Coffee or tea: both

  • Relationship status: In love

  • Like:

    • My families, my girlfriend and my life
    • binary vulnerabilities, also curious about web security
    • CTF pwn/(reverse)/(crypto) games
      • @, @北理工的恶龙, @emmmm, @0x300, @Tea Deliverers
    • python/shell/assembly/go/(javascript)
    • Linux
    • cool and challenging stuff
  • The only thing I dislike is being interrupted when in deep thinking, especially in coding

My works

Intership experience

  • 2017.10 - 2018.8:
    • I was working in NISL@THU, focused on fuzzing.
  • 2018.11 - 2019.4:

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